AI Based Hyper Local Weather Intelligence

Enhancing your operations, safeguarding your assets and protecting your people with precision

We combine Numerical Weather Prediction with Deep Learning to build the state of the art architecture for weather intelligence. With the skillful combination of AI and real world physics, our core forecasting engine boosts the accuracy across all forecast horizons. Flexible temporal and spatial configurations make the engine a perfect fit for hyper local weather forecasting.

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Buluttan SkyWatch screenshot

Buluttan SkyWatch

Our Weather Intelligence Platform enables teams across industries to make informed decisions proactively with:

  • Hyper local precise past & realtime data
  • Nowcasting up to 120 minutes
  • Forecasting up to 120 hours
  • Easy visualization and data anlytics through web
  • Push notifications and automated alerts through mobile

Integrate the State of the art Weather API

  • Get up to 200+ Weather Parameters
  • Past & Realtime Observations
  • Forecasts and Alerts
  • Comprehensive API documentation and developer support
  • Flexible query parameters
  • Ability to handle high request volumes
  • Secure transmission protocols and compliance with data protection regulations
curl --request GET \
--url ''\
--header 'accept: application/json'
              "timestamp": 1685469600,
              "ws_kmh": 5.75,
              "ws_mph": 3.57,
              "wd": 19,
              "temp_celsius": 19.21,
              "temp_kelvin": 292.36,
              "fl_celsius": 19.21,
              "fl_kelvin": 292.36,
              "tcc": 91.76,
              "prec": 0,
              "precp": 0,
              "hmd": 83.41,
              "weather_state": "cloudy-night"
Buluttan Map Layer screenshot

Buluttan Weather Map Layer

  • Easy to integrate on any Navigation infrastructure
  • Foresee what weather risks lie on your journey
  • Get pop up alerts on approaching weather risks
  • Plan safer routes
  • Refine your ETA calculations

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