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Buluttan empowers foresight to navigate energy planning efficiently, anticipating demand surges weather related conditions.

Unleash the Weather-Wise Transformation in Electricity and Utility

Welcome to the future of weather insights in the energy sector with Buluttan, your weather intelligence partner. In an industry where precision and efficiency are paramount, staying ahead of weather patterns is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Let’s explore how Buluttan is revolutionizing the energy sector.

Why Weather Intelligence Matters in Electricity & Utility

The energy industry is highly sensitive to weather conditions. From energy demand to the safety of offshore operations, understanding and predicting weather patterns is crucial. A rough estimate of savings from a 1% reduction in the mean absolute percentage error for a utility with 1GW peak load is $300,000 for short-term and $500,000 for long-term load forecasting, moreover, the weather affects not only electricity consumption, but also how it’s being transformed via grids. Severe weather conditions related outage cost to utility compaines an average of $5 billion annually in the U.S. alone.

Use Cases

Electricity Demand Forecasting

Experience the future of electricity demand forecasting with Buluttan’s Weather Wise Demand Planner. Our real-time foresight empower businesses to navigate energy planning efficiently, anticipating demand surges during extreme weather and optimizing consumption.

Risk Mitigation

Unforeseen weather events can disrupt energy production, storage and distribution and pose safety risks. Buluttan helps mitigate these risks by providing early warnings and insights, allowing energy companies to protect their assets and ensure operational continuity.
Additionally, Buluttan SkyWatch allows you to regionally forecast the amount of risk present under your assets.

Optimized Operations

Efficient energy production requires optimal planning. Buluttan enables energy companies to optimize their maintenance, field visits operations based on upcoming weather conditions. Our products enhance overall operational efficiency from adjusting maintenance schedules to planning energy deliveries.

Elevate Your Energy Business with Buluttan

Get your weather right before taking any action in the energy market. Use weather intelligence to plan for tomorrow, next week, next month, or next season; powered by Buluttan.

Our Products

Navigate knowing the weather on your path with integrating Buluttan’s Weather Intel Map Layer into your navigation tools.

Know the extreme weather around your business and reshape the way you operate with Buluttan SkyWatch.

Access fast, reliable, and hyper-local weather data with Hyper Local BuluttanAPI.

Powering Progress

Unleash a world of potential with sustainable and innovative energy solutions tailored for the future.

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