Renewable Energy

Buluttan empowers wind farms and solar plants power operators with extremely accurate power generation forecasts.

Unleashing the Power of Weather Intelligence in Renewable Energy with Buluttan

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in the renewable energy industry with Buluttan, your ultimate Weather Intelligence partner. Discover how Buluttan’s advanced features and real-time insights can revolutionize the way you harness and optimize renewable energy resources.

Why Weather Intelligence Matters in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy production from solar and wind sources is explained by over 80% due to atmospheric variables. Every year, renewable energy operators pay fines due to the imbalance in production. For instance, a facility with an average production capacity of 60MW faces approximately 500,000 EUR in imbalance fines annually. Buluttan, using artificial intelligence fueled by hyper-local weather predictions and atmospheric models, it is possible to predict wind and solar energy production with high accuracy. This allows companies to reduce the margin of error in production forecasts by up to 15% for day-ahead markets and up to 30% for intraday markets.

Use Cases

Power Production Forecasting

Maximize the efficiency of renewable energy production by aligning it with weather forecasts. Buluttan allows you to reduce imbalance penalties due to inaccurate power generation forecasts for wind farms and solar plants.

Asset Management

Effectively manage renewable energy assets with Buluttan’s insights. From wind farms to solar installations, anticipate and mitigate potential issues caused by weather events, ensuring the longevity and performance of your assets.

Planning Maintenance and Repair

Plan maintenance activities proactively based on weather forecasts. Buluttan enables you to schedule maintenance during favorable weather conditions, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Elevate Your Renewable Energy Business with Buluttan

Buluttan is a strategic partner for the renewable energy industry. Join the renewable energy revolution with Buluttan and redefine how you leverage weather insights for a greener and more efficient future.

Our Products

Navigate knowing the weather on your path with integrating Buluttan’s Map Layer into your navigation tools.

Know the extreme weather around your business and reshape the way you operate with Buluttan SkyWatch.

Access fast, reliable, and hyper-local weather data with BuluttanAPI.

Energize Sustainability

Boost your renewable energy outputs with predictive weather intelligence, optimizing performance and green investment returns.

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