Let's Hear About the Future of the Wind Energy Sector from Erkan Yılmaz

Erkan Yılmaz, a graduate of Istanbul Technical University's Meteorological Engineering Department, shares his thoughts on the energy sector.

Buluttan Talks / Erkan Yılmaz

Who is Erkan Yılmaz?

The guest of this episode of Buluttan Talks is Erkan Yılmaz, an experienced professional in the wind energy sector. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Department of Meteorology Engineering in 2013 and completed his master’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences in 2016. During his master’s studies, he participated in the Erasmus program at DTU (Technical University of Denmark). Erkan Yılmaz is continuing his doctoral studies in Atmospheric Sciences and plans to complete his PhD in 2024.

Throughout his education, Erkan Yılmaz worked in various sectors but chose to advance in the wind energy field, working for leading companies in the industry. He played a role in the development of the NEWA (New European Wind Atlas) project and currently continues his career as a project manager at a Chinese wind turbine company.

What Does Erkan Yılmaz Discuss in Buluttan Talks?

In this episode of Buluttan Talks, Erkan Yılmaz shares the role of meteorology engineers in wind and solar energy companies, his career journey, and his experiences in the industry. He talks about the planning and execution processes of renewable energy projects and shares his insights on the future expectations of the sector. The discussion also covers the interest in green energy, technological developments in the sector, and Turkey’s steps towards renewable energy.

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