Frequently Asked Questions

What does Buluttan Weather Intelligence do?

Buluttan is a social enterprise in meteorology and technology that provides cross-sectoral weather intelligence and climate monitoring solutions to optimize operational and financial processes across different sectors.

What is a social enterprise, and why is Buluttan Weather Intelligence a social enterprise?

Social enterprise is a type of entrepreneurship that produces innovative solutions to social problems and aims to benefit society by applying these solutions in a sustainable manner. Social entrepreneurs primarily aim to provide social benefits and create social impact while seeking profit. Buluttan Weather Intelligence also produces solutions for the benefit of society at many different points, from increasing efficiency to taking security measures, with the reliable and timely weather intelligence it offers to businesses.

Why Buluttan Weather Intelligence?

Buluttan Weather Intelligence is Turkey's first private meteorology company and offers products for different sectors while considering the needs of industries. We have highly reliable weather forecasts due to the modeling of data collected from many different sources by expert meteorological engineers and the empowerment of data scientists with artificial intelligence applications.

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