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Welcome to the era of advanced weather insights tailored for the logistics and mobility industry with Buluttan.

Revolutionizing Logistics and Mobility with Buluttan’s Weather Intelligence

Welcome to the era of advanced weather insights tailored for the logistics and mobility industry. Buluttan, your Weather Intelligence companion, is here to transform the way you navigate through challenges and optimize operations in the dynamic world of logistics, mobility and micromobility.

Why Weather Intelligence Matters in Logistics and Mobility

Out of the 5,891,000 vehicle crashes on the road each year, weather related events account for 21% of these crashes. In the logistics and mobility sector, going from point A to B, timeliness, safety and the driving experience is all that matters for logistic and mobility professionals. For all the aspects mentioned above, weather conditions play a crucial role. Buluttan’s tailored weather intelligence solutions for logistics and mobility sectors empower decision makers to maximize safety and driver experience while maintaining timely shipments;

Use Cases

Route Optimization: Plan and optimize transportation routes based on real-time and predicted weather conditions via Buluttan Weather Map Layer. Integrated into the vehicle’s navigation, Buluttan’s weather intelligence map layer allows the logistics and mobility ecosystem to enhance safety and driver experience before, during, and after the trip.

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Plan Before the Trip

The driver or dispatcher will foresee expected weather conditions on the desired route and can make slight adjustments to avoid risky weather or weather-related traffic congestion on her path.

Enhance During the Trip

If there is any upcoming severe weather that the driver will run into, Buluttan Map Layer informs the driver about the type, severity and location of the severe weather events as an instant pop-up alert.

Maintain Safety After the Trip

The driver or dispatcher will continue to monitor the weather around their parked vehicle with Buluttan SkyWatch. If there is an expected severe weather, the alerts and notifications are sent via mobile channels to promote utmost safety and driver experience weather-wise.

Supply Chain Resilience: Build a resilient supply chain by leveraging Buluttan’s insights into upcoming weather patterns. Anticipate and mitigate disruptions, ensuring a continuous and reliable flow of goods from origin to destination.

Fleet Management: Enhance the management of your fleet with Buluttan’s real-time data. Anticipate adverse weather conditions, plan for maintenance, and optimize vehicle deployment for increased operational efficiency.

Streamline warehouse operations with weather intelligence. From managing inventory levels to planning for potential disruptions, Buluttan helps logistics businesses maintain efficient and responsive warehouse processes.

Stay Safe with Buluttan

Buluttan is a strategic partner for the logistics and mobility industry. Above all, in a sector where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, harnessing the power of weather intelligence is a game-changer. Join the logistics revolution with Buluttan and redefine how you leverage weather insights for a more efficient and resilient future.

Our Products

Navigate knowing the weather on your path with integrating Buluttan’s Weather Intel Map Layer into your navigation tools.

Know the extreme weather around your business and reshape the way you operate with Buluttan SkyWatch.

Access fast, reliable, and hyper-local weather data with Hyper Local BuluttanAPI.

Navigate with Confidence

Harness the power of advanced weather intelligence to drive efficiency in your logistics and mobility operations.

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