Professor Doctor Dursun Koçer Talks About Light Pollution

Professor Doctor Dursun Koçer shared information about light pollution both in our country and globally.

Buluttan Sohbetler / Prof. Dr. Dursun Koçer

Who is Prof. Dr. Dursun Koçer?

The guest on this episode of Buluttan Sohbetler is Prof. Dr. Dursun Koçer, one of the founders of the Physics Department at Istanbul Kültür University and a former rector. Appointed as a faculty member to Boğaziçi University in March 1983, Dursun Koçer served as an Astrophysics Associate Professor at Boğaziçi University’s Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute until 1988. In July 1988, he returned to Istanbul University’s Faculty of Science as an Associate Professor in the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences, and he became a full Professor in the same year.

Prof. Dr. Dursun Koçer held various positions at Istanbul University, including the Chairmanship of the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences, the Chairmanship of the General Astronomy Division, the Directorship of the Observatory Research and Application Center, membership in the Faculty Council and Administrative Board of the Faculty of Science, Vice Deanship, consultancy roles at TÜBİTAK National Observatory, and membership in the Board of Directors. He supervised the theses of 9 graduate students, conducted 12 research projects, one of which was a NATO project, and participated in numerous scientific activities both domestically and internationally. Additionally, he published articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

What Does Prof. Dr. Dursun Koçer Talk About in Buluttan Sohbetler?

Prof. Dr. Dursun Koçer discusses light pollution in our country and worldwide, covering its causes, the measures different countries take to address light pollution, and potential additional steps that can be taken. For more information on these topics and others, you can follow the Buluttan YouTube channel and Buluttan Sohbetler Spotify account.  

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