Media Explained by Burcu Fidan

Burcu is usually the person behind the scenes at Buluttan, actually recording all the memories of the Buluttan team members.

Buluttan Small Talks / Burcu Fidan

A Conversation with Burcu on Media

Gökmen: Hello Burcu, welcome.

Burcu: Hello, nice to be here.

Gökmen: Today, we’re going to have a chat with you. In our series of short talks at Buluttan, we’ll talk a bit about who Burcu is. How did Burcu get into this meteorology business? We’ll also discuss some of Burcu’s dreams and talk a bit about the future. But first, if you’d like, let’s start with who Burcu really is. Who is Burcu?

Burcu: Burcu is usually the person behind the scenes at Buluttan, actually recording all the memories of the Buluttan team members. Personally, I graduated in communication design from Yıldız Technical University. Currently, I’m pursuing a master’s degree in interactive media design. At Buluttan, I also take on the role of Media Coordination.

Gökmen: What do you do in media coordination at Buluttan, for example?

Burcu: Actually, I can say I do everything. From design to communication coordination, content creation, and the marketing side. I’m involved in all of these. Of course, I also work together with the team members. That’s it.

Gökmen: Great. So, meteorology was probably at a citizen level in your life before. If we go back five or ten years, where did your intersection with meteorology come from? I’m curious about your thoughts and feelings about meteorology, both during and after your involvement with Buluttan. But first, let’s start with how you got into it. How did you end up at Buluttan?

Burcu: Well, actually, before Buluttan, I had no knowledge of meteorology. I didn’t even check the weather before going out. If it was raining, I would still wear sandals. That changed a bit with Buluttan. Actually, it changed quite a bit. Because I work with meteorologists. And I also conduct personal research for content creation. So, I gained a lot of knowledge in meteorology. Of course, I had no dream or desire to work in this field before. Buluttan came across my path when I was looking for a job. My previous work experiences included social media expertise, so I applied in my field. It turned out to be a great opportunity, and now I check the weather before going out.

Gökmen: Maybe even more than that. Now, here you are, with a technical ability that stands out. We are a team predominantly composed of engineers, and engineers often get unfairly labeled. Knowing the analytical and mathematical aspects of something doesn’t mean they don’t understand the emotional or internal aspects. A meteorologist can take their girlfriend or boyfriend for a walk in the rain, right? They can enjoy it. But I’m wondering, since you haven’t worked with such a technical team before, as I recall, especially with engineers, what are the challenges for you, both in the media and outside of it, in the technical sense, beyond what we know as technical? How does working with a technical and engineer-heavy team affect you?

Burcu: I do face a bit of a challenge in that regard. Sometimes, they think I know as much as they do. When something is discussed, I can blank out. And I try to simplify it for myself by asking them to explain it. But often, it doesn’t get simple enough for me. So, I face that challenge. But, you know, by listening to them, attending their meetings, and discussions about projects, even if it’s just a single word, I learn a lot from them. So, it’s a learning process for me, and I don’t think it will ever end. Let’s say I learned something. The next week, there’s a completely different topic where I give a blank stare. But it’s an enjoyable learning process for me. So, I face this challenge.

Gökmen: Great, I’m sure. Others with more of a background in engineering may sometimes find it a bit difficult to understand you in certain situations, but I can imagine that you’re mostly struggling to understand them. However, it’s a learning experience, and that’s the high point. Now, it’s been quite some time since you started putting effort into this. We can see it as a slowly accelerating transition on social media, chronologically speaking. How did you see Buluttan during this process? You’ve been a part of the story for quite a while now, even if you weren’t there from the beginning. The development, the future, everything from the beginning, where we started, where we are now, where we’re going. I’m curious to hear it from your perspective. We can touch on that, and then we can wrap it up if you like.

Burcu: Since I work on the media side, I become more socially involved with people. We continue the adventure that Eren Kısmet left us with, along with Hüseyin Öztel. While our team members are more on the operational side, we are more in touch with people. Here, I notice that something had already been created before us. It was something that stayed in people’s minds. So, sometimes, we find it challenging to live up to that, to be able to provide more to them, to maintain the connection they have built among themselves. Sometimes, it’s challenging, but it also has very positive effects on us. Because they continue that sincerity. For example, there are people who establish strong connections. After a conversation we had last week, I wonder, they had asked us about an event, I wonder how their wedding went. I check that message again. Some friendships, relationships have developed like that. So, from the beginning, we’ve seen such changes. I can say that.

Gökmen: Everyone’s story is unique, but our story is actually quite different from the usual startup stories. We have a history that is sadder and stronger, in a way. Initially, I don’t have much time now, but sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t. I read many messages, not all of them, I select some. I also see that, thanks to the affectionate impact area created by Eren, it grows, develops, and, above all, it preserves the emotional load we have carried from the past. It preserves our emotional stories and develops them. So, from that perspective, the media is very instrumental. That’s why we thank you for all your efforts, both up to now and in the future. We feel happy to have you on our team. Until our next conversation!

Burcu: You can follow Buluttan’s social media accounts with the names you see here. We are with you every day with our evolving content!

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