Causes of Roof Blows in Thunderstorms

Often, the phenomenon that causes roof blows, tree falling, and various wind damage is downburst, not a tornado or prolonged stormy weather.

flow direction of the rainy weather system graph

It is the winds that occur under the effect of extremely heavy rain that causes roof blows, and this phenomenon reaches its most destructive power in the flow direction of the rainy weather system (fig 1. / the right side in the image). Additionally, during this wind propagation, trees can easily fall over due to the force exerted by the large number of raindrops on the trees at an oblique angle.

Undoubtedly, the most important requirement for this event to occur is that the lower part of the atmosphere should be quite warm and humid (July-September) or rather warm (May-June) compared to its surroundings and the air in the upper atmosphere. Since the air we breathe and the seas, which are essential for our holidays, are now even hotter and more humid than normal (July-September), we must be careful against approximately 95% of natural events in the atmosphere, the structure of which we have deteriorated with greenhouse gases.

wind direction graph

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