Discover the Impact of Weather on E/Q Commerce

Explore how Cloud Weather Intelligence will take you a step forward in e-commerce as the world reaches its peak in online commerce.

Today and Tomorrow of E/Q Commerce

E/Q-commerce is currently experiencing its peak worldwide. According to Forbes, global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $6.913 trillion in 2024 and $8.148 trillion by 2026. In the United States alone, 22.4 million users spend $57.6 billion annually in online markets. Of this expenditure, $4.6 billion is allocated to ready-to-eat meals and food purchases.

With the increasing number of users, there is a growing demand for timely and secure delivery of desired products, necessitating better optimization. The increase in user numbers is not the only factor complicating operations. Changing weather patterns due to climate change also make weather forecasting more challenging and exacerbate its effects.

Effects of Weather on E/Q-Commerce

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Shift in Demand

When the current weather is inclement, such as heavy rain, snow, extreme cold, or excessive heat, consumers tend to prefer delivery services over going to the market or restaurant. This directly translates to an increase in demand.

However, in addition to increasing demand, weather conditions like those mentioned above also bring operational challenges. Moreover, this trend is not limited to food delivery alone. It affects consumer interest across various services, from grocery deliveries to courier fleets and micro-mobility services.

Companies operating in this space require reliable and timely weather forecasts to make proactive decisions.

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Dynamic Advertisements

A study found that dynamic advertisements incorporating regional weather conditions positively impact over 72% of individuals. These ads promote products like sunscreen, cold beverages, or raincoats, and can suggest movies based on local weather.

A popular iced tea brand successfully executed a thermo-activated Facebook campaign, reaching over 6.9 million people by triggering video ads during hot weather. Reliable and timely weather forecasts are crucial for planning such advertisements.

Real-time, dependable weather information at the local level is essential for marketing strategies highlighting or discounting weather-dependent products.

Buluttan Weather Intelligence: A Strategic Partner for E/Q Commerce

Buluttan Weather Intelligence‘s SkyWatch product enable the analysis of weather-induced purchasing habits of E/Q-commerce customers at the local level using high-resolution historical, current, and future weather intelligence.

Your micro-logistics operations personnel can access a web-based and mobile-compatible severe weather control panel. This panel allows them to observe hyper-local weather risks in real-time, understand where, when, and how severe the risks will be, view real-time radar images, and adjust their operations accordingly to take precautions against future extreme weather events.

Through its high-resolution weather intelligence provided at the neighborhood level, Buluttan enables dynamic marketing campaigns. Create targeted ads based on current weather conditions to highlight your products according to the weather in your customers’ locations.

Improve your strategic decision-making processes with hyper-local seasonal analyses produced by Buluttan Weather Intelligence, forecasting potential impacts of weather on your workflows months in advance.

Optimize Your e-Commerce Forecast

Leverage precise weather intelligence to streamline logistics, boost sales, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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