The Innovative Solutions of Buluttan WI for Weather-Related Problems in the Mining Sector

Explore the innovative approaches of Buluttan Weather Intelligence in addressing weather-related issues in the mining sector.

The Mining Industry Today

Mining is an ancient human endeavor dating back to the Paleolithic era. With the discovery of gunpowder, mining activities accelerated, leading to the establishment of the first mining academy in Slovakia in 1762.

The primary purpose of mining is to extract various resources such as ores, metals, coal, or petroleum from underground and bring them into industrial use. Like many other industries, mining has experienced significant growth compared to the past. The mining industry has a global market size of approximately $700 billion.

Mining is a sector that requires detailed planning and dynamic management of operational processes due to its nature. Errors in planning and operations in this sector can lead to significant economic losses, unwanted environmental pollution, and loss of life. Let’s take a closer look at how weather affects mining operations.

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Weather in the Mining Sector


In the mining sector, planning, which covers a significant portion of companies’ budgets, cannot be done without considering weather conditions. When mining teams are delayed or operations are canceled unexpectedly due to weather conditions, mining companies incur financial losses due to wages and project delays.

• Lightning-Related Interruptions: Incorrect weather forecasts can cause unnecessary work stoppages and safety risks for workers, reducing overall blasting productivity and efficiency.

• Wind and Blasting: Wind can disperse dust clouds and debris from blasting. This can lead to air quality issues and complaints from neighboring areas.


The road built to access the mine is usually constructed by mining companies. If this road does not meet safety standards, access to or from the mine is not possible. Crews may get stranded in the mine, and the mining company may have to pay overtime. Besides the psychological negative effects of crews being stranded in the mine, it can also pose a vital threat.


Mining operations are significantly affected by weather conditions in terms of both crew safety and asset damage. In the event of unexpected heavy rain or lightning strikes, mining operations should be suspended.

Mining companies can manage the process optimally by making proactive decisions if they can predict the likelihood of these weather events. This minimizes financial loss and prevents delays in project timelines.

Unexpected weather events can affect the lifespan of equipment and can cause accidents involving equipment. For example, not using a crane in high wind gusts can play an important role in reducing both equipment and crew losses.


Community Responsibility in Mining

Improving ESG strategies is crucial for mining companies. Considering the community is no longer an innovative vision but a strategic imperative. Mining companies that address climate change through sustainable performance and emission reduction have valuations nearly 20% higher than their competitors.

Commitment to ESG standards not only impacts business and profit but is also necessary for long-term climate adaptation. For instance, historical weather data can be used to determine the best blasting times for each season, such as when wind speeds are highest, to minimize the impact of blasting on surrounding communities. For more information about ESG, you can check out our article on ESG and Sustainability.

Buluttan Weather Intelligence: A Strategic Partner for Mining Companies

Buluttan Weather Intelligence enables mining companies to access reliable and timely meteorological information for their mining project areas through high-accuracy and high-resolution hyper-local weather forecasts. With models that can reach up to 100m resolution, the accuracy of our forecasts ensures that your assets and team are safer than ever before against unexpected weather events.

With the Buluttan API, you can receive the meteorological parameters you need at regular intervals. You can also verify past extreme weather events for any insured products that were damaged in an accident.

Using Buluttan Map Layer, you can inform your drivers and dispatchers about real-time weather risks on the road, enabling the development of proactive approaches in logistics operations.

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