Buluttan Weather Intelligence Solutions for Weather-Related Issues Faced by Utility Companies

Discover the weather-related challenges faced by utility companies and Buluttan Weather Intelligence solutions.

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Power Outages Due to Extreme Weather Events

Over the past 20 years, power outages due to extreme weather events have doubled in the United States, costing the country an average of $20 to $50 billion annually. The estimated cost of a potential one-hour power outage across Turkey is approximately $5 million. While end-users are directly impacted by outages, business owners bear the brunt of the financial burden.

Considering the duration and affected areas of these outages, these damages can escalate further. The economy suffers from disruptions in business operations, production losses, disruptions in the supply chain, and businesses’ inability to serve customers. Additionally, the financial cost of outages includes repair and restructuring expenses, loss of revenue, and damage to business reputation.

How Unexpected Power Outages Affect Business Owners

Extreme weather conditions, from high-speed winds to rising temperatures, endanger utility company employees during outages.Unfortunately, it is a fact that companies employing these workers are often not adequately prepared for their tasks.

Being unprepared for such adverse weather events both poses a risk to the safety of personnel and disrupts operational processes. In addition, citizens, investors, and media outlets affected by outages significantly undermine utility companies’ reputations. Angry reactions and negative news make it challenging for companies to maintain a positive image and sustain their operations.

The financial cost of outage-related damages and lost revenue is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. This puts considerable pressure on businesses’ financial bottom lines and threatens their long-term sustainability. The increasing frequency and severity of extreme and variable weather events due to climate change highlight the need for power and utility companies to better prepare for similar events in the future.

In 2023, long-lasting power disruptions affected over 300 million people globally. Given the ongoing climate crisis and the anticipated significant increase in these numbers, we are facing one of the biggest global crises to date.

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How Buluttan Weather Intelligence Helps Prevent Unexpected Power Outages

Production forecasts can be improved by utilizing high-resolution weather data, enabling energy companies to manage resources more effectively and reduce power outages. Moreover, predicting electricity demand based on future weather conditions and optimizing power curves can help renewable energy companies use resources more efficiently. Creating preventive maintenance plans considering expected weather conditions can minimize asset damage, enhance the sustainability of energy infrastructure, and reduce costs.

In addition, businesses can make proactive decisions to prepare for power outages by harnessing the power of Buluttan Weather Intelligence. By establishing security protocols, companies can identify potentially hazardous situations in advance and take preventive measures to ensure personnel safety.

Additionally, authorities can access accurate forecasts of severe weather conditions and directing maintenance teams accordingly to specific areas in advance. The proactive approach Buluttan Weather Intelligence provides can help minimize the impact of outages and increase customer satisfaction.

Buluttan Weather Intelligence: A Strategic Partner for Energy and Utility Companies

Buluttan Weather Intelligence provides reliable and timely meteorological information for electricity production and distribution, thanks to its high-accuracy and high-resolution hyper-local weather forecasts. With models reaching up to 100m resolution, the accuracy of our models ensures that your assets and team are safer than ever from unexpected weather events.

Buluttan API, you can receive the meteorological parameters you need at regular intervals. You also have the opportunity to verify a past extreme weather event for your insured products that were damaged in an accident.

Buluttan SkyWatch, your field team can access a web-based and mobile-compatible severe weather control panel while managing field operations.

Buluttan Map Layer, you can inform both your drivers and dispatchers of on-road weather risks in real-time and enable the development of proactive approaches against them in logistics operations.

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