Dr. Murat Durak Provides Information About Offshore Wind Energy

In this episode of Buluttan Sohbetler, Dr. Murat Durak discusses the advantages and disadvantages of offshore wind energy.

Buluttan Sohbetler / Dr. Murat Durak

Who is Dr. Murat Durak?

The guest on this episode of Buluttan Sohbetler is Dr. Murat Durak is the Chairman of the Turkish Offshore Wind Energy Association (DÜRED) and also holds the position of Director in the Black Sea Floating Offshore Wind (BLOW) project. This project aims to innovate the optimized distribution of floating wind energy in deep waters and different sea basins.

Murat Durak has showcased his experience in the energy sector through involvement in several successful projects. As the General Manager of Enermet Enerji, he played a crucial role in bid management and the implementation of projects in wind, solar, and hydro energy.

During his tenure at GAMA Power Systems, he prepared EPC proposals for wind energy projects in Turkey, Pakistan, and Libya, leading the development of these projects.

In his role at Umweltkontor Renewable Energy AG, Murat Durak was a pioneer in establishing the wind and renewable energy sector in Turkey. He evaluated international projects and developed entry strategies for new markets. Furthermore, as the Wind Energy Coordinator at Aken Akhisar Temiz Enerji AŞ, he played a significant role in the early stages of the wind energy sector in Turkey.

Possessing a doctoral and master’s degree in Meteorological Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Murat Durak has specialized in atmospheric sciences, meteorology, and wind energy. He leverages his international experience and knowledge in the energy sector to contribute to Turkey’s renewable energy market.

What does Dr. Murat Durak Talk About in Buluttan Sohbetler?

Dr. Murat Durak discusses the distinctions between offshore and onshore energy operations. He explores the locations and methods of offshore operations, addressing the influence of meteorology on offshore energy reserves.

Additionally, he provides insights into the setup of offshore facilities, the expenses associated with measuring meteorological parameters, and key factors like the capacity factor of offshore wind energy plants.

For more in-depth information on these topics and similar subjects, you can follow the Buluttan YouTube channel and listen to Buluttan Sohbetler Spotify account.

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