Enviromental and Sustainability Expert Umay Yılmaz Talks About Her Plan for Saving the World

In this episode of Buluttan Sohbetler we listen to sustainability expert Umay Yılmaz's plan for saving the world in her own words.

Buluttan Sohbetler / Umay Yılmaz

Who is Umay Yılmaz?

In this episode of Buluttan Sohbetler, the guest is Umay Yılmaz, a graduate of Anadolu University and an Environmental Engineer. He initiated his career in 2004 at a company specializing in wastewater treatment systems.

Subsequently, he collaborated with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey, official institutions, various associations, and foundations to undertake projects aimed at establishing a healthy and sustainable recycling system, improving processes, promoting widespread adoption, and developing regulations and practices.

Umay Yılmaz has delivered numerous speeches on environmental issues, recycling, waste management, and sustainability at various conferences, symposiums, and congresses, earning accolades for his projects.

Engaging in roles related to universities, associations, foundations, organizations, press, and media relations, he served as a consultant on environmental and sustainability issues from 2018 to 2020, providing education on the circular economy. During this period, he also gave guest lectures at various universities. Umay Yılmaz has a TEDx talk titled “My Plan to Save the World.”

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Earth System Sciences at the ITU Eurasian Institute of Earth Sciences, Umay Yılmaz serves as the General Secretary of the Corrugated Cardboard Industry Association (OMÜD).

What does Enviromental and Sustainability Expert Umay Yılmaz Talk About in Buluttan Sohbetler?

As a sustainability and environmental expert, Umay Yılmaz shares his insights in this episode of Buluttan Sohbetler on how to save the world. He discusses topics such as when climate change started to be taken seriously by governments, what decision-makers and society can do to guide producers in this regard, and the cumulative impact of individual changes for sustainable living.

For more information on these topics and others, you can follow the Buluttan YouTube channel and Buluttan Sohbetler Spotify account.

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