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Explore why businesses are more vulnerable to weather-related risks in spring and Buluttan Weather Intelligence solutions to these risks.

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Spring Seasonand Severe Weather

The spring season is a delightful time with warmer weather and flowers blooming. You may wonder why this enjoyable season could pose problems for businesses. Regardless of the region, severe weather events can occur every month of the year, but they are most intense in March, April, and May.

Why Spring Season is Risky for Businesses?

Several key reasons contribute to the increase in severe weather events during the spring months. First, as winter ends during this period, temperature differences significantly increase. These differences strengthen pressure centers in the atmosphere, leading to the emergence of severe weather conditions. Additionally, humidity levels generally rise during the spring months. High humidity encourages the formation of heavy rains and storms.

Furthermore, the collision and mixing of different air masses in the atmosphere are more frequent during spring. This situation can trigger severe weather events. Lastly, the intensity of sunlight increases during the spring months, causing energy imbalances in the atmosphere and contributing to severe weather events. When these factors come together, the frequency and intensity of severe weather events increase during the spring months.

Spring Season is Now Riskier with Climate Change

In many of our articles, we have extensively discussed the effects of climate change on the world and humanity. As we mentioned before, one of the most significant impacts of climate change is the increase in extreme weather events. This increase is largely due to rising sea surface temperatures on Earth.

Thunderstorms and severe storms, which require hot weather, are among the most destructive extreme weather events. As the cooled air descends into the lower layers of the atmosphere, it warms up and rises again. This rising and falling air cycle is called a convection cell. If this occurs in small amounts, a cloud forms.

However, if it happens with a large amount of air and moisture, a severe thunderstorm can occur. The high sea surface temperatures increase the likelihood of severe thunderstorms by causing the cold air to descend into the lower layers of the atmosphere and warm up more quickly.

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What are the Risky Weather Events for Businesses in the Spring Season?


Due to the high atmospheric instability in the spring and summer months, experiencing heavy rainfall in a short period is common. This leads to flood disasters in some regions. In 2023, floods worldwide resulted in thousands of deaths and significant economic damage. To learn more about flood prevention with weather intelligence, you can read our article “Take Precautions Against Floods with Weather Intelligence


Thunderstorms are characterized by the presence of lightning and the acoustic response of thunder. They typically develop in an unstable environment where hot, humid air rises rapidly.

The key factors contributing to their formation include atmospheric instability, abundant moisture, and a lifting mechanism such as a cold front or rising terrain. Atmospheric instability and abundant moisture are characteristic of the spring season.

Severe Winds

Pressure differences on Earth result in wind formation. Sudden regional temperature changes in the spring months can affect these pressure centers, leading to severe winds and gusts.

Buluttan Weather Intelligence: A Strategic Partner for Your Businesses Throughout the Year

Buluttan Weather Intelligence provides high-accuracy and high-resolution hyper-local weather forecasts, allowing your industry to access reliable and timely meteorological information. With models that can reach resolutions of up to 100m, your assets and team are safer than ever before from unexpected weather events.

With Buluttan API, you can receive the meteorological parameters you need at regular intervals. You can also verify a past extreme weather event for damaged insured products.

With Buluttan SkyWatch, your field operations team can access a web-based and mobile-compatible severe weather control panel while managing field operations. This panel allows them to observe weather risks in real-time at a hyper-local scale, understand where, when, and how severe the risks will be, view real-time radar images, and adjust their operations accordingly to prepare for future extreme weather events.

With Buluttan Map Layer, you can notify both your drivers and dispatchers of real-time weather risks on the road and enable proactive approaches against these risks.

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