Explore Weather Intelligence Transformation in the Aviation Sector

Explore weather-related problems in the aviation sector and discover Buluttan Weather Intelligence solutions for these problems.

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In 2024, the total revenue for the aviation sector is $582 billion. By 2030, it is expected to reach $735 billion. In such a large and sensitive industry, the potential consequences of problems can be significant.

Weather Events in Aviation Sector

Weather events and meteorology play a crucial role in the aviation sector. The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States reported that approximately 75% of flight delays between 2017 and 2022 were weather-related. Flight delays negatively impact customer experience and costs for aviation businesses.


The annual total cost of flight delays in the long term averages $12.4 billion. This constitutes 15% of the total operating costs for all airlines. In the short term, the annual total delay cost averages $2.3 billion, which is 10% of total fuel and personnel expenses for airlines.

Customer Experience

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is used to measure customer experience in various industries, ranging from -100 to 100. It helps businesses understand where they stand with their customers. You can look at the NPS scores for private aviation companies and see which ones experience the most delays. It’s clear that any aviation company with an NPS score below a certain level ends up on the list of airlines with the most delays.

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Improvements in Aviation Sector with Weather Intelligence

Runway Level Insights for Takeoff and Landing: Airlines need last-minute weather intelligence at the runway level. This includes identifying wind shear, which can be dangerous for aircraft takeoffs and landings. Providing information on wind direction around the runway helps determine the direction for aircraft landings.

Turning Decision Processes into Workflow: Buluttan Weather intelligence can predict potential wind, rain, and storm events, allowing for timely routing and runway decisions. Automate workflows, establish clear safety protocols, and make business decisions based on forecasts.

Customer Comes First: Building a loyal customer base relies on keeping communication lines open. With Buluttan Weather Intelligence, you can set up automatic alerts to inform customers about what to expect before they leave home, provide detailed forecasts for destination points, and keep customers informed about potential issues during flights.

Uncover Efficiency: Efficient companies create happy customers. With Buluttan, you can proactively schedule maintenance and material needs.

Buluttan Weather Intelligence: A Strategic Partner for Airlines

With the high-accuracy and high-resolution hyper-local weather forecasts provided by Buluttan Weather Intelligence, airports can access reliable and timely meteorological information. Our models, which can reach resolutions of up to 100 meters, ensure that your assets and team are safer than ever before against unexpected weather events.

Using Buluttan API, you can receive the necessary meteorological parameters at regular intervals. You also have the ability to verify a past extreme weather event for insured products damaged in any accident.

With Buluttan SkyWatch, your field operations team can access a web-based and mobile-compatible severe weather control panel while managing on-site operations. This panel allows them to observe weather risks at a hyper-local scale in real time, understand where, when, and how severe risks will be, monitor real-time radar images, and adjust operations according to weather conditions, taking precautions against future extreme weather events.

With Buluttan Map Layer, you can inform both your drivers and dispatchers of real-time weather risks on the road and develop proactive approaches against them.

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