Welcome to the state-of-the-art weather intelligence solutions tailored for the insurance sector by Buluttan.

Unveiling the Weather-Driven Insurance Strategies with Buluttan

Welcome to the state-of-the-art weather intelligence solutions tailored for the insurance sector. Introducing Buluttan, the game-changing weather intelligence partner that redefines how insurance companies approach risk management and client services.

Why Weather Intelligence Matters in Insurance

Over the last ten years, the amount of money lost due to extreme weather disasters involving real estate and infrastructure has tripled worldwide, with reinsurance firms reporting direct losses of $150 billion annually , moreover in 2022, the reported loss that extreme weather events caused was $313B according to AON 2023 Weather, Climate and Catastrophe Insight. With Buluttan’s past, real-time, and future weather insights along with tailored solutions to the insurance sector, insurers could gain resilience against climate change and extreme weather events and can efficiently utilize their resources.

Use Cases

Climate Risk Modeling

Buluttan empowers insurers to assess and mitigate climate-related risks accurately. Our actuaries climate risk index modeling allows us to generate hyper local climatic insights on actuaries risk indexes to enable strategic, climate-wise decision making in the long run.

Customer-Centric Policies

Tailor insurance policies understanding local risk due to weather patterns with Climate Risk Modeling. From offering special coverage during severe weather for an open-air concert to adjusting premiums based on local climate conditions for an airline operator, Buluttan enables insurance companies to create customer-centric solutions.

Claims Management Optimization

Rapid and precise responses to weather-related claims are essential. Buluttan facilitates proactive weather-wise claims management by providing location and meteorological variable based validation reports. With Meteospective, our retrospective analysis and validation tool, insurers could observe past lightning and storm occurrences and generate validation reports to ease claim management processes.

Risk Assessment Precision:
When assessing the risks associated with a specific location at a particular moment, insurance providers encounter challenges in parameterizing weather and climatic risks. This difficulty arises from the inadequate integration within climate data along with the prevalence of inaccurate or missing information. However, to refine the precision of risk assessments, insurance companies can incorporate the advanced capabilities of Buluttan. By integrating Meteospective which contains, high-resolution historical, real-time, and future weather intelligence, insurers gain the ability to validate disaster happened affects on assets and make able to regional risk analysis, climate suit will able to making decisions as well as access hyper-local climatic insights extending up to a century.

Enable Weather Driven Decision Making with Buluttan

Buluttan is a strategic partner for the insurance industry. In a sector where risk mitigation and customer satisfaction are paramount, harnessing the power of weather intelligence is a game-changer. Join the future of weather-driven insurance strategies with Buluttan and redefine how you manage risk in the ever-changing climate.

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Navigate knowing the weather on your path with integrating Buluttan’s Map Layer into your navigation tools.

Know the extreme weather around your business and reshape the way you operate with Buluttan SkyWatch.

Access fast, reliable, and hyper-local weather data with BuluttanAPI.

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Empower your insurance decisions with predictive weather intelligence for risk mitigation and unparalleled customer service.

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