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We are redefining EV mobility and safe driving experience with Buluttan Weather Intelligence, focusing on driver-centric solutions.

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Out of the 5,891,000 vehicle crashes on the road each year, weather related events account for 21% of these crashes, and due to these accidents yearly 300.000 injuries and 5000 losses happen. There are several meteorological parameters that can lead to accidents, and these include freezing, fog/mist/haze, heavy precipitation, and wind/wind gust. The accurate prediction of these weather events in advance and the transmission of severe weather events along the route to the driver with hyper-local resolution is now possible with Buluttan.


When rain and snowfall occur, the flow of traffic slows down regionally by approximately 60%. Knowing in advance the weather events that will occur is crucial to prevent this slowdown. Additionally, as electric vehicles store their energy in batteries, meteorological variables such as temperature and humidity play a significant role in factors like the vehicle’s range and battery charging time. In the light of this weather-wise information with Buluttan, a more accurate estimation of the remaining range of the vehicle can be made, providing the driver with a better driving experience.

Enabling Weather-wise Transformation in Mobility

Before Your Drive

When journey a route from A to B, simultaneously coordinate with anticipated weather conditions along the path and make slight timing adjustments to proactively ensure a secure journey.

Drivers could not foresee the hyper-local weather conditions on their path, before their departure, unexpected weather events decrease in traffic flow speed approximately 60% and 21% of accidents due to severe weather on traffic.

Buluttan’s Weather-wise Journey Assistant is ready on your Togg Smart Device for your maximum safety and punctuality. Be aware of weather events such as wind and fog that directly affect your driving quality, and plan your journey accordingly. Stay ahead of unexpected delays and accidents.

During Your Drive

Receiving real-time alerts and immediate notifications for severe weather that could affect your safety during the journey.

Weather at a particular place at a particular time can shift dramatically, there is no in-vehicle tools to alert the driver on expected severe weather yet Buluttan’s Weather-wise Journey Assistant.

Buluttan’s Weather-wise Journey Assistant is ready on Togg Smart Device for enhance your driving experience. Safety pop-up alerts during the drive and don’t let sudden shifts in the weather affect your driving safety by instantly getting informed. Enhance user experience while driving with a 360° real-time severe weather alerting system.

After Your Drive

Monitor severe weather in your vicinity and keep a watchful eye on your parked smart device to ensure safety even after completing your drive.

Not every destination may have an indoor parking facility and drivers cannot monitor the severe weather around themselves and their parked vehicle outdoors. No system to maintain safety after the driver parks and leaves the Togg Smart Device. UX doesn’t ends with the trip. Not knowing that there will be heavy rain or hail on the parked vehicle will hinder the driver experience.

Buluttan’s Weather-wise Journey Assistant is ready on your mobile device for protect your Togg Smart Device from unexpected weather events. Track real-time weather and obtain alerts for the upcoming severe weather around you & your Togg Smart Device.

Dynamic Slippery & Icy Road Prediction System

24% of the crashes occur on snowy, slushy or icy pavement. Predicting slippery & icy road is more complicated from measuring temperature and alerting accordingly because icing not related to just temperature and due to different type of roads. Combination of live data input from tires and road observation conditions from sensors; Enables higher precision in slippery & icy Road predictions.

Consuming car data to unleash location based slippery & Icy road prediction system. Buluttan Weather-wise Journey Assistant combines hyper-local weather & car’s wiper and tire data to dynamically predict road slipperiness & icing index (1-5).

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